Rohnson R-9212

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Διαστάσεις ΥχΠχΒ 28x45x30

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Dehumidification capacity (30 °C 80% RH): 12 lt / 24 h
Recommended for areas up to 45 m²
Ionic Function
High quality of HEPA Filter
Dust Filter
Ergonomic airflow design for very low noise-37 db(A) in low fan level
Large water tank capacity (lt): 2 lt
Operation temperature: 5 °C-32 °C
Air flow volume 120 m³/h
Two fan speed (High / Low)
Timer function from 1-24 h
Turbo boost clothes drying system
Water tank full indicator and auto shut off
Power input: 145 W (27 °C 60 %)
Humidity setting (30-80 %) and indicator of humidity (% RH)
Continuous operation
Auto startup after power failure (Latest status memory)
Continuous drainage
Inside drying condenser system
Auto anti-frost system
Practical handle wheels and canisters for easy transport
Refrigerant type R290
ΤΥΠΟΣ 12 lt/24h