Hoco DGA05 (Μαύρο)


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Οθόνη: 1.28", Κατασκευαστής: Hoco (Smartwatches)

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1. Platform: Han Tianxia Hs6620
2. Memory RAM: 128KB,
3. ROM: 512KB+ 128MB plug-in
4. Product shape: temperature monitoring sports health watch
5. Implementation standard GB4943.1-2011; GB/T22450.1-2008
6. reference size of the machine is 46*46* 12.3mm
7. machine weight: Single table 50 g
8. Case: alloy vacuum wire-drawing electroplating/plastic back cover
9. Watch strap: Movable table bolt, 22MM width, mesh belt/belt/silicone belt 228MM
10. Charging seat: magnetic suction charging port, charging 100 mah for 1 hour
11. Home screen: 1.28 "TFT full circle screen resolution 240*240
12. Touch screen: Fully fitted to multi-touch
13. Bluetooth push: call, SMS, WeChat, QQ message content synchronous display
14. Heart rate detection: Supports 24-hour timed heart rate monitoring
15. Pedometer,pedometer exercise meter, calorie consumption, exercise mileage record
16. Sleep monitoring: Objectively and scientifically record and analyze your sleep status, which is automatically turned on from 9am to 9am every night
17. Call reminder: Support calls rejected
18. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
19. Battery specification and capacity: 290MAH large-capacity polymer,180 minutes full, magnetic charge line
20. Vibration motor
21. Watch support Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese,